The world stepping into an advanced electronic age, has merged two different disciplines; Engineering and Medicine. Although Sri Lanka is yet to embrace this revolutionary change, the department of Electronic and Telecommunication, University of Moratuwa has taken the initiative in bestowing biomedical engineers. Thus, the necessity of a common platform to exchange knowledge in this new field arose.

To cater this need IEEE EMBS student branch chapter was introduced with the guidance of IEEE University of Moratuwa student branch and the dedication of Dr.N.W.N.Dayananda, Dr.Anjula De Silva and Dr.Pujitha Silva together with the hard work of biomedical engineering students paved the success of Sri Lanka’s first Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society.

The IEEE’s EMBS chapter strengthened with its 9100 members residing in 97 countries around the world, being the world’s largest international society of biomedical engineers. EMBS facilitates its members to access resource people, exchange ideas and opinions to widen the horizon of biomedical engineering.

All the biomedical engineering students get the opportunity to take part in international competitions and to promote this new engineering field in Sri Lanka by contacting local and international biomedical engineering enthusiasts.

A platform to share biomedical enthusiasm and inspiration was created by EMBS’s “BME and ME”, a novel brand which is enriched with a series of discussions by the academic staff and industrial experts on their insight and passion towards biomedical engineering.

EMBS being a prominent technical international society, plays a key role in encouraging healthcare innovations by applying engineering to medicine and biology. EMBS has the support of a broad member communities range empowered with undergraduate students, new graduates seeking employment, established members with career achievements, senior members with technical expertise and sound knowledge and lifelong members dedicated to guide the next generation.

The future plan of EMBS student chapter is to conduct an industrial forum on biomedical engineering and enlighten the enthusiasm of biomedical engineering students by organizing local and international guest lectures.