Enumero 2.0



Enumero 2.0 was held for the 2nd consecutive time by the patronage of the chapters of IEEE Robotics Automation Society (RAS), Power & Energy Society (PES) and the IEEE Computer Society (CS) together with the IEEE Student Branch, University of Moratuwa. It created the environment for the undergraduates to broaden their knowledge about the latest trends and advancements in the technological world. With much team effort and spirit in organizing such event and looking out for solutions and improvements that can be made in practical aspects of knowledge. Enumero 2.0 was one-of-its-kind platform providing undergraduates exposure to the real world.

Three sessions were held in parallel, by a panel of highly experienced intellectuals. The gaming session that was held after the workshops created a friendly and exciting atmosphere among participants, while uncovering their analytical skills. It was certainly a very novel workshop, where each volunteer faced the flame test of challenges on the way. It was an ensemble of many different disciplines such as Robotics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science arranged in such a way in order to take a step forward in the journey of tuning into experts in relevant fields.

Most of the theoretical aspects and related information of new technologies can be easily found on the internet within a couple of searches. It is a quite commonly faced problem that students land on a huge pile of problems when applying theories in real life situations. The workshop focused on enhancing the hands-on experience undergraduates have to acquire. Students certainly were more confident in practical implementation problems after taking part in this.

Enumero 2.0 ended in style and was most successful in achieving its goal of educating undergraduates in electrical, mechanical, electrical and computer science aspects of technology. It shall certainly flourish the next year also.

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Date : 2015-06-20

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